Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Universidade Federal De Rio de Janeiro

Best way to start the day is a fresh, ripe, juicy mango for breakfast, I am pretty sure of that now:)!

Today we continued the document saga, we solved the CPF number in the morning (something like an identity number one cannot do without in Brazil) and went to the University. I really liked it there, I missed the University atmosphere and I am really looking forward to going back to work. I heard I might even get an office:), I was happy to hear that, I have never had an office before! The University is huge, like 50.000 students and it's seems like a nice place to study!

In order to get my PhD recognized by Brazil I need to bring about 20 documents, I need to send my PhD certificate to the Brazilian embassy in Dublin and they have to validate it. Before the 20 documents attached to the PhD recognition, I need to have the graduate diploma recognized, that is another 20 documents. It should also send the diploma to the Brazilian embassy in Romania to have it validated. It's a bit crazy but hopefully it will all end well. I think I got used to the idea that it's all about papers here.

I think we had today the first real summer day since I have arrive, it's over 35 degrees and it feels pretty hot.

The bus situation is at least crazy, there are millions buses and they cause a lot of traffic jams, when stuck in traffic everywhere you look, front, back and side there are buses. The bus drivers are mad, it's a challenge to stand in a bus while they speed or take corners. I spent lots of time today on the bus, thank God we had some maths papers and we talked a little bit about maths, time passes faster when you talk about interesting things!

For all those people who saved money and want to invest them:), you can buy a house in Rio, I have found out today that with less than 30.000 euro one can buy a nice house in a good neighborhood.

Will have to practice more Portuguese, today I have learned how to say that I do not speak Portuguese and I understand a little:).

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