Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Copacabana beach

Taking the bus to the beach was an experience in itself, it happens that in the bus stop there are already 10 other buses so the bus driver speeds up and does not stop unless you spot the bus from the distance, wave and the run for about 50 m to where the driver manages to stop, run in the middle of the street full of cars and jump on the bus! I missed more than 5 buses till I understood the strategy I needed to adopt!

The beach was simply beautiful, it was covered in mist at the beginning but after a while you could see the mountains and the rocks surrounding the beach. The sand is almost white and the ocean is pretty. There are more beaches in Rio, a total of 70 km of beaches! Other famous one is Ipanema.

The Copacabana neighborhood is lovely, lots of "summer" buildings, coffee places and restaurants, shops. I am looking forward to exploring it more, I left today in a bit of a hurry as it started to rain. I was lucky the rain chased me, even if I stayed only under the umbrella I am pretty red now so by tomorrow I will start having a more "chocolaty" Brazilian look:).

Had a lovely lunch in Tijuca, I spotted yesterday a small restaurant, not too fancy but the food on the plates looked amazing and it was amazing. Was a bit difficult to order since I have no Portuguese but I managed to get beef with fries. Of course, beef with fries means beef with fries and the rice with black beans sauce plus something like a kind of flour mixed with butter, don't know exactly what is it but I have noticed it's an important ingredient of any meal.

Of course, I went back to the fresh juice place and got a mango juice, yum!

Started to take learning Portuguese seriously, have a good book with lots of audio material, fluency here I come:)!


  1. "something like a kind of flour mixed with butter" s-ar putea sa fie faina din tapioca. Am inteles ca la ei se mananca multa tapioca.
    Astept cu interes si alte delicii

    1. Da, cred ca s-ar putea sa fie tapioca, am vazut ca tapioca sunt ca niste radacini maro cu interior alb si sunt foarte populare, ma mai interesez:)!