Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day One

Huge breakfast by Taciana, I was most impressed with the bananas which had a fabulous taste, I did not know bananas can be so delicious!

Went with Alex to the Centro to sort out some documents stuff and get a CPF number, one number I cannot do without. I almost felt like home as we were sent from one place to another continuously and nobody knew anything and how long things are suppose to take:)! I was pretty happy though because we got most of things done, now I have to wait to be told when to come for the next step.

Centro has a vintage look, tall building and a busy feel.  Lots of surprises around every corner, like coconut water which looked like water and tasted like sweet water and a coconut desert which was simply delightful.

One interesting thing is that there are no bus tickets/daily tickets/monthly tickets, one pays the bus fare on the bus, there is this lady who guards something like a door and once you pay she lets you in.

Friendly people everywhere, ready to chat and share stuff like this lady on the bus who starting from seeing a man and a woman fighting on the street (lovers fight) told us some story about her family. I did not understood much as my Portuguese it still at 5 words I learned yesterday but what she said seemed at least interesting.

Lunch in Tujuica, where I have learned that rice and a sauce of black beans is the centerpiece of the Brazilian cuisine. Had a gorgeous mango fresh juice which I promised myself will have everyday! I love mango and as I have heard that in Brazil mangoes grow in trees:) I think I might have chosen the right country!

I am still amazed of how I simply moved to Brazil as if going around the corner to buy a bread, it's a funny feeling of surprise and curiosity about all the things I am going to experience! Am thinking of going to the beach today, seems like the right thing to do, the document saga will continue tomorrow so time for Copacabana beach:)!

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